Smart robot

Interactive design Bachelor
L'École de design Nantes Atlantique

Teammates : Karine Degorre(+), Jimmy Martin(+),
Antonin Philippe(+) & Hugo Rahn(+)
Term : 1 week

During a seminar, in collaboration with designer students, we have designed and created an intelligent robot. We had available Meccano® toolbox and an arduino card.

We thought that a clever robot that can act "careless" without any big consequences. So DiaBot1.0 was born. This little robot insults like Capitan Haddock by cleansing his eyebrows and becoming red when he gets angry. The robot is able to react to the environment and the differents sensors allows it to analyse our behaviour and humour. Firstly the robot is coded with arduino so that it becomes autonomous. It is equipped with a piezo (shock sensor), microphone(sound sensor) with leds and a motor. All of this is contained within a sphere of a 12cm diameter. Also webite developed to communicate with the robot (mixed at a library with Breakout.js,) we were able to communicate with our robot but also send messages to our friends passing by the robot.