Class profils analysis

Information design

Interactive design Bachelor
L'École de design Nantes Atlantique

Supervisor: Franck Ghitalla(+)
Teammates : Morgane Guyot(+), Adrien Frey(+) & Thomas Chevillotte(+)
Term : 1 week

The theme of this one-week seminar was data-visualisation in social networks. In groups of 5, we chose to work on LinkedIn, and the class group influences.

Its first advantage compared to other network was these "skills", that we can endorse and recommend. Uncertain at the beginning, we started gathering data network of our working group (5 people) through the Linkedin API. After taking the first step, we finally decided to extended our database to 35 students. We expanded the database to more tan 1750 people with more than 20 000 different skills. We have organized the diffrent information in 3 levels. The first is the relation of the classmate. The second is the classmate herself, How does she is present, Which are the link between us, and How we behave in tis showcase? Finnaly, the third level concern our group informations by regarding our 5 profils. We have indentify how we are with the classmate and in which professional enviroment we are going.

See final documents (+)